Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is GEMS?  
  GEMS were aimed to achieve Good Governance and Paperless Office using ICT Tools. It was an initiative of Department of Excise, Government of Goa. The project includes a complete workflow web based G2B and G2G Application to provide end to end solution to the business community. This will help the department in better revenue collection, reduction in paper usage, minimize visit to the department by the business community and quick services delivery through Single Window electronic information exchange among stakeholders.  
Q2: Who can avail facilities of e-services?  
  All registered dealers who have valid EIN number can avail facilities of e-services.  
Q3. What are the major e-services available through GEMS?  
  Application for new NOC/Permit ,Extension of NOC/Permit, Cancellation of NOC/Permit, Renewal of Licence, Label Registration, Renewal of Label, Label Transfer, Take on Record.  
Q4. Can dealers get the online services without visiting the department?  
  Dealer has to visit the department only one time to collect the NOC/Permit/Letter/etc.  
Q5.  What is the benefit of the dealer applying through GEMS portal?  
  * The system is available in 24x7
* Anywhere anytime services
* Dealer can submit all the application through online portal. Eliminate manual hand written application. The system will generate the application with GS1 barcode.
*  All documents generated with GS1 barcode facilitate Unique Identification Number for each document and which can be verified across the Globe.
*  Eliminate the files carrying and submitting physically. The dealer can scan and upload the entire reference document and the department official can view this document digitally. So the official can verify and take the decision without any fail. Thus saves manpower, Transport, Energy and paper.
 * The application process which takes maximum 30 minutes to process any application submitted by the dealer. In manual process, the application process which takes minimum 3 working days to process any application submitted by the dealer.
 * Saving papers result in reduction of cutting of trees and save the environment.
 * Current application status through SMS and application tracking through portal.
 * Generation of e-challan with appropriate head of Account and proceed for online payment gateway of SBI or payment at counter.
Q6.  Can new dealer registration be done online?  
No, there is no online provision for new registration. However the same can be provided in near future.  
Q7. Is it safe to access the GEMS portal from cyber Cafe’s?  
  Yes, but the secrecy of the password should be maintained by the user at all times.  
Q8. Can I contact helpdesk on holidays?  
Helpdesk is available only on working days and during working hours. At other times you can contact us through e-mail: helpdesk-exci[dot]goa[at]nic[dot]in.  
Q9.  Can we apply for the services manually as well as online?  
  No, the dealer can do with online services only.  
Q10. How to know the status of the application?  
  Current application status will get it through SMS in your registered mobile and online application tracking is available in portal also